That great idea that never quite made it? Together we can make it happen.

Brief Ideas with Piranha Bar

Have you got a cracking script that's burning a hole in your drawer? Piranha Bar director James Doherty, using our production studio's extensive capabilities, would like to create a powerful commercial film for a worthwhile cause. If you want to take advantage of these creative resources and make your script come to life, get in touch:

Deadline extended to 31st March 2017

The Details. The film should be a positive message, for charities, non-profits or social messages; existing or previous clients of yours. We love smart, emotional and cinematic commercial live-action pieces, projects that innovate and stand out because of your passion for unique storytelling. We are especially interested in non-traditional structures and experimental approaches. There's no restrictions on submissions, you can send us scripts, outlines, mood boards, however you best articulate your ideas. Any questions, ping us a message.

Piranha Bar make beautifully crafted, engaging creative content. Our hybrid production company creates short and long-form Branded Content which benefit from our passion for mixed media. Our roster of directors are able to draw on the diverse in-house talents of our studio of VFX artists, motion designers, animators and our stable of award-winning editors at every stage of the creative process, all under one roof.

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